How to Identify a Font from a Website

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Learn how to identify a font from a website in this video tutorial. Have you ever seen a font combination on someone else's website and were dying to know what font is that? In this post you'll see just how easy it is to identify a font. #designtips #webdesign #squarespace #solosidekick

Today's video topic comes from a few of the entrepreneur Facebook groups I'm in, and that's how to identify a font from a website. This is for you if you've ever been on a website, seen a font that you absolutely loved and were dying to know what it is!

In today's video I'm going to show you how to figure that out. Hit play on the video or follow the instructions below.

Written Instructions:

1. Open Google Chrome

2. Download the What Font Chrome Extension

2. Click "Add to Chrome" and then "Add Extension"

3. To enable the extension, all you need to is click on it. 

4. Go to a website and if you hover over the fonts, you will be able to tell what font it is.

Once you have discovered the font, simply type it into Google to find out how to download it (it will either be free or paid). 

Don't you just love when things are that easy?! 

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