This is a master list of every tool I use to run my online business!

Heads up: this page includes affiliate links. If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend tools I have personally used & love.

Online Presence

Squarespace - This is my #1 favourite tool for creating websites. Easy to use, professional & perfect for those who want to DIY. Use the code SIDEKICK10 for 10% off your first year. Get started with a FREE trial of my signature online course, Website that Wows. I'll show you how easy building your own website can be. Click here to get started!

Canva for Work - Use this fantastic online program to create professional graphics (for the non-designer). You can start with the free version but upgrading to Canva for Work will give you a few amazing time-saving benefits (e.g. the ability to automatically resize your designs for different social media platforms). 

GoDaddy - Ever wonder how to get a professional looking web address? (e.g. Simply type your desired name in the search bar and follow the instructions to purchase.

G Suite by Google - Next, you'll need a professional email address (e.g. rather than the generic hotmail or gmail. G Suite is the answer!

Stock Photos - Need some stunning photos for your website? Find royalty free pics from my favourite sites:, and

Teachable - Want to create an online course for your audience? Teachable makes it SO easy for both you and your students.


Crowdcast - Want to host a live webinar or workshop for your audience? Crowdcast takes the tech stress out of it! Super easy to use with no lag and real-time live chat.  

iMovie or Final Cut Pro X - Need to create some video content for your brand? Either of these tools are fantastic for editing. If you're just getting started, iMovie comes free with your Apple computer. If you need something more advanced, I love Final Cut Pro X.

QuickTime - Easily record your screen with this free tool. 

Canon 7D Mark II - If you're just getting started, just use your iPhone! You can get great quality video this way. However, if you're looking for an upgrade, I love Canon cameras. 

Double Softbox Lighting Kit - Great lighting is going to make your videos look so much more professional and have you feeling more confident! Grab a double softbox lighting kit from a camera store near you.

Logitech C920 Webcam - Highly recommend investing in a pro webcam for webinars and Skype interviews. 

Audio-Technica AT2005USB Microphone - I love this mic!! Crisp + professional sound that will take your webinars/videos to the next level.


The Contract Shop - Feel like your client contract isn't iron-clad? Use an attorney-prepared template from The Contract Shop to protect your biz!


SmarterQueue - Do not waste time scheduling each social media post individually! Instead, schedule them out as "evergreen" posts so that they will be continually be shared without you needing to do a thing :)

Google Drive - Perfect for sharing larger files with your team or housing important docs in one place. 

Acuity Scheduling - Eliminate the back and forth and easily schedule appointments with clients across different time-zones.

Tailwind - I love Pinterest for driving free traffic to your site. Tailwind saves you time by allowing you to schedule your pins out in advance.

Asana - This is a project management system that will help you crush your goals and keep track of all your ongoing tasks in one place.

Loom - recently obsessed with this tool! Easily share screenflow tutorials with your team or clients. It's fast and you can embed directly within Trello.

Toggl - This handy tool allows you to track how much time you're spending on tasks (can be a real eye-opener!)

Quickbooks Online - Easy-to-manage accounting system to keep your finances in check!

Zapier - Use this nifty tool (ha, did I really just say nifty?) to connect different online programs and cut out manual work.



MailChimp - If you're just getting started online and keeping your email marketing simple (e.g. sending newsletters to your list), then MailChimp will work for you. It's free up to 2000 subscribers and integrates with Squarespace in seconds. However, as soon as you go beyond having one email sequence, I recommend upgrading to ConvertKit. 

ConvertKit - This is the company responsible for making me actually LIKE email marketing! If you're ready to start really seeing results from your email marketing, get ConvertKit right now! So many advanced features, yet super easy to use. 

Deadline Funnel - This is an advanced tool that allows you to create real expiring deadlines for individual subscribers.

Plann - You know your Instagram feed has to be on point! Use this app to plan it out ahead of time & make sure it looks cohesive.

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