What to do When You Delete a Page in Squarespace

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Here's how to restore a deleted page in Squarespace. Watch the Squarespace tutorial and learn how to easily get your deleted page back fast. Learn how to blog with the fantastic blogging and website platform, Squarespace. Watch the free video tutorial and see how easy it is to blog with Squarespace - even if you're a non-techie! #webdesign #squarespacetips #blogger #solosidekick

Did you just accidentally delete a page in squarespace? Well, not to worry. This is an easy fix. Let me show you how to restore your deleted page!

Watch the video to learn how or read the post below.

Here are the Instructions within Squarespace

1. Click "Pages"

2. Scroll down to the very bottom and click "Deleted Pages"

3. Scroll down again to where it says "Deleted Pages"

4. Hover over the page you want to restore and click "Restore"

This will restore your page and move it back to the "Not Linked" section. If it was it your main navigation, then all you need to do is drag it back into position. And that's it! That's all you need to do to restore your deleted page. 

Keep in mind, Squarespace only keeps deleted pages for 30 days before automatically removing them, so as long as you catch this in time, you'll be fine!

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