How To Add Facebook Videos/Lives To Your Website

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In today's video I'm going to show you how to get even more out of the videos that you're already posting on Facebook by repurposing them and adding them to your website or blog.

Watch the video or read the summary below! 

Written Instructions:


The first option is to simply embed directly from Facebook.

1. Go to your Facebook page then scroll down to the video you want to add, click the three little dots top right

2. Click "See more options"

3. Click "Embed"

4. Copy the line of code

5. Add this to your website

If you're using Squarespace, this is really easy. Go to your blog, add a new post, click on the grey teardrop shape, scroll down to where it says code, remove where it says "hello world" and paste in that code. Click apply, and as you can see now you have your video embedded in your blog post.

Now, you can also go back into facebook and you can click include full posts, and this is going to add the caption below as well. This is a really simple way of adding your videos to your blog or site!

2. option two

You can do what I do and download these videos and then add them to YouTube so that you have a YouTube channel as well.

In my last video I showed you how to download it from Facebook.

So let's say you've already downloaded the video.

1. Go into YouTube and upload your video. All you need to do is drag the file in, and then of course make sure that you add in your title and your description and tags for your video as well. If you want to learn more about YouTube, I highly recommend my friend Trena Little's channel. She is awesome and we'll teach you so much about YouTube! 

2. Click "Share" and copy the link

3. Go back into your blog and add the link.

To do this in Squarespace:

4. Find your grey tear drop shape, and then select "video" block

5. Paste in your video URL and it will automatically bring it up with the thumbnail and then you can decide if you want to display the caption or not

That's it! So to recap, you have two options, either to embed your Facebook video directly or decide to get on YouTube and have a YouTube channel as well (which can drive traffic to your website) and add this one to your blog.

I hope that it helps you get even more use out of the videos you are already creating! Do you have any other tech questions for me? Just leave them in the comments below and that might be my next video 😉


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