I teach coaches & freelancers how to DIY client-winning Squarespace websites. Learn how to make your own Squarespace website with my simple, step-by-step system.


Sell Out Your Services

Ready to turn your website traffic into paying clients? Let me show you how to create a website that converts, even if you have no tech skills!


Hosted by Louise Henry



What we’re covering in this in-depth training:

✅ What’s happening behind-the-scenes of the most high-converting websites

✅ How to speed up your success & simplify the always daunting “tech” thing while we’re at it!

✅ The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make on their website (and how you can avoid it!)


Meet your teacher! I’m Louise.

I’m an Online Entrepreneur, Tech Expert & Educator from Toronto, Canada.

I’ve helped hundreds of self-proclaimed “non-techie” entrepreneurs from all over the globe build their own website with my simple, step-by-step system (that means no coding required - score!!). I’m also a Squarespace Authorized Trainer and have taught in-person website-building workshops in both Toronto, Canada and Sydney, Australia.

The strategies I teach in this webinar are the exact ones I followed to create a 6-figure online biz that allowed me to ditch my waitressing job and hit the road as a digital nomad.

It really is pure gold, Louise! You have such a gift to make this stuff so clear.
— Denise
It would have taken me an eternity to work this out on my own.
— Kirsten
Thank you for the way you share your knowledge (it’s so easy & pleasant to learn from you!)
— Virginia

Give me one hour to show you how to build and DIY your client winning website, tech newbies approved!

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