Choose Your Specialty

If you're reading this, it’s because you are a talented creative ready to launch your online business.

You probably have many skills that you could offer as a service or develop digital products for. You talent you ;)

However, the secret is to be specific and select a niche.

Why? Because from day 1, you will be able to charge what you're worth, develop a stronger brand & become known as the go-to guy or gal for that thing.

Amazing things happen when:

1) it's what you love doing the most

2) it's what comes most natural to you

3) there's a market for it

You CAN choose. You CAN specialize. Don't feel like you have to offer everything that you are capable of doing. Pick & choose & find your sweet spot.

Real life example: Here’s Courtney Johnson of The Rulebreaker’s Club. It’s clear that she is talented in copywriting, online marketing, email marketing & much more... but what does she offer? Copywriting for sales pages.

Of course, the key to success in any business, especially online, is excellent service. And the easiest way to become great at something is to do something that you are truly passionate about. This way you'll always be excited to learn more, get better & push your creativity. 

Questions to ask yourself to guide you in the right direction:

What do you love doing?

What are you most experienced at?

What comes easy to you yet takes other people ages to figure out?

What part of your work gets you most excited?

What is your favourite project that you’ve ever worked on? Why?

At this point, you probably have an idea already of what your specialty should be. But, you need to confirm that this is good idea through research.


Write down all of the things that you would like to offer as a service or product.

Circle the services that you enjoy most.

Research this topic + see what’s already out there. Check out the competition - what are they offering? Is there a common trend that everyone is following? How can you differentiate yourself? What part of the market is currently being underserved?

Pretend that you have to write 10 articles on the focus you’ve chosen. Can you brainstorm these easily? Are you excited to share your knowledge?

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