Infuse Your Personality

Today’s topic is all about personality baby!

I believe in infusing your personality into your business. After all, as a freelancer (coach or infopreneur), people are working directly with YOU. Therefore, they want to get to know you - your story, your personality, your expertise. 

And this isn’t just fun, it’s good business too! As soon as I embraced this idea, I started seeing serious gains in my own business.

No one is you and that is your power. Your style, your delivery, your quirks - this is what will separate you from competitors offering the same thing. 

As the client gets to know you better, their trust in you will build. And trust is everything when it comes to keeping clients and gaining new ones!

Ways your personality (often referred to as your “voice”) comes across online: 
- your tone on your About page
- the language you use (is it casual or formal?)
- the way you sign off your emails (are you writing cheers or warm regards?)
- your tweets & other social media posts

Real life example: 
I'm real casual and friendly online. Cause that's how I am in real life! I want my audience to feel as though they really know me, so I chat to them exactly how I would if I met them in-person. I want them to know I've got their best interests at heart, so I take it a step further and talk to them as though they're my friend (and I'm happy to say have actually made so many incredible friends online). My goal is to be down to earth, helpful and real so that people can gain something of value no matter what stage of business they are at. 

My tone: casual
Language: friendly, upbeat
Way I sign off my emails: thanks! or cheers! sometimes I throw in a smiley face because why not! ;) 
My tweets: enthusiastic, helpful + full of emojis 😂

Don't be afraid to let your personality shine through! ✨

Here's a few awesome personalities online: 

Allison of Wonderlass - c'mon, you can't help but notice her online! She's currently offering a free webinar course and here's her tagline (right front and center on her website) - and I quote - "explode the shiz out of it with webinars." This probably made you laugh and tells you that webinars are going to be really effective. 

Halley of Evolve + Succeed - I have a serious biz crush on Halley (cause she's amazing at what she does). Check out her about page here for an example of a personality filled page. Her opening line - "Most people don’t give a shit. I do."


Select 2-3 from this list that you feel totally describes your personality.

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