Name Your Business

Now you know what your business is going to be, your core values, who your ideal client is, your personality traits and your brand style, it's time to name your business!

Make sure you have filled out the above sections in your pre-course workbook. 

Watch the video or follow the written lesson below!

Let's start with the top 4 ways you can name your business: 

1.) just your name e.g.

If your last name is super tricky to spell, I'd avoid this. An alternate would be to do what Regina Anaejionu did and go with or something similar!

Take a minute and write down the following options:

your full name: ______________ e.g.
hey + your name: ______________ e.g.
by + your name: ______________ e.g.
your nickname: ______________ e.g.
other variations: ______________ e.g.

2.) your name + what you do e.g. 

E.g. design, studio, creative, writes

Write down the following:

your full name + what you do: ______________ e.g.
your first name + what you do: ______________ e.g. 
other variations: ______________ e.g.

3.) a creative name that doesn’t really say what you do (but is cool + catchy!) e.g.

Jot down any ideas you've already come up with. It could have something to do with a favourite saying, an important place, your street name etc. E.g. (the first street I lived on!)

4.) a creative name that says what you do. e.g. mine! (I like to think of myself as a helpful sidekick to solopreneurs).

Write down a list of who you help. E.g. business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs
Write down a second list of how you help them. E.g. web design, courses
Combine these together. E.g.

Ideally, your business name should be: 

  • simple
  • easy-to-remember
  • easy-to-spell
  • hint at what you do
  • easy to say

For the most part, you should avoid:

  • weird spellings (e.g. Flickr)
  • completely made up words
  • random words that have nothing to do with your biz
  • too limiting (you need to leave room for your business to expand!)
  • too trendy

If you haven't landed on a perfect name yet, follow these steps: 

Step 1. Braindump. Write down every word you can think of that relates to your business.  

Step 2: Add adjectives that describe your biz (e.g. fun, adventurous, classic) 

Step 3: Circle your favourites from step 1 and 2

Step 4: Run your favourites through

Step 5: Get even more ideas using Shopify's Business Name Generator

Step 6. Google "glossary of (your keyword) terms"

Step 7. Combine words together! 

Want some help coming up with a good name? Join my free Facebook group and we’ll help you out!

When you have landed on a name you like: 

1. Check it on Google - is your name already in use?

2. Run a Trademark Search.

3. Run a business name search.

4. Enter the name at Namechk - this will tell you if the domain is available (aim for the .com) and if the social media usernames are free to use. I recommend starting with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. 

Ideally, your domain and social media accounts will all match, but this is not always possible.

It's most important that your domain = your business name. And that your social media accounts are all the same. 

For example, you may have fallen in love with the name Nike and been able to secure but found that @nike is not available on social media. This is okay! In that case, just make sure you use the same username on all social media platforms. E.g. @hellonike

Once you have found a name you love, head to the next step. 

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