Set Up Your Domain

Woo hoo! Now that you have your business name, it's time to set up your custom domain. 

This is a very noticeable distinction between a professional site and a not-so professional one. 

What is a custom domain?

It's the difference between: (unprofessional) vs. (professional)

So rather than having, my domain is

Does it have to be the .com?

I recommended that you purchase (vs. alternates like .co, .net, .org). I say this simply because most people will assume it is a .com. So if you meet someone at a networking event, it's more likely they'll still be able to find you online (even if they've lost your business card). 

If the .com isn't available, I recommend the .co


How to set it up:

Awesome! Click here for the next step!

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