Select Your Core Values

Now that you have selected a specialty (or focus), it’s time to figure out what you stand for and determine what the underlying purpose of your business is.

A good way to get started thinking about this is to think about what you will publicly blog about. What do you want to share for free? What do you think is important for people to realize when it comes to your specialty?

For example, I believe in empowering solopreneurs to design their own website + graphics because I believe that all people deserve the opportunity to gain more freedom + happiness in their lives through the power of online business. 

Therefore, even though I’m not being paid for it, I still share advice on social media and my blog that spreads this message. I provide encouragement and teach DIY solutions for online businesses. So core values for me would be: accessibility, encouragement + openness. 

Here’s a few exercises to figure out your core values:

List 3 public figures you admire. E.g. Oprah, Ellen, Beyonce

What is about them that you admire? (1 word each) E.g. intelligence, kindness, innovation (and the fact that they only have one name ;))

List 3 people close to you. 

What is it about them that you admire? (1 word each)

What do you hope people admire you for? (3 words) 

If you could share one piece of advice with your ideal client, what would that be? 

How do you want clients to feel after working with you?

By answering these questions, you can zero in on the values that are important to you.

Real life example:

You might want to be a one person design shop, who works with the most exclusive clients to create luxury brands.

Values: Uniqueness, Quality


You might want to be a one person design shop, who provides an affordable solution to new startups.

Values: Innovation, Accessibility


Select which 3 values are most important to you (either from the list below or your own words). 

Core Values:

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