I teach non-techie entrepreneurs how to build their dream website. Learn how to build your own website with my simple, step-by-step system.


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Launch your dream website in just one day (with a pro by your side)

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Let me guess... 

>> You've tried to DIY your website before but ended up staring at a blank screen with no idea what to do and overwhelmed by all the options

>> You've been dreaming about starting your own business for what feels like forever but have been held back by your non-existent website

What if it didn't have to be like that? 

What if...

✔️ You had someone by your side the whole time - showing you the easy way!

✔️ You could launch your website & business with confidence - knowing that you've got the tech part down & look like a total pro

✔️ Your website attracted clients from day 1 - bringing you that much closer to becoming your own boss

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

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My brand new service that combines ALL the benefits of DIY (being able to edit/update your site whenever you want) & working with a designer (my design eyes on your site!) to give you a premium one-on-one website creation experience.


I honestly couldn’t have done it without Louise guiding me through every step of the way - I’d probably still be shopping around for someone to help me!
Feel the fear and do it! Sign up NOW! - you will break through your fears and quickly be marveling at what Louise can teach you in just one day that I had been procrastinating about for YEARS... Your new website superpowers await!

Hey, I'm Louise


I've been in your shoes. I remember how overwhelmed I felt trying to figure it out all alone. However, that was 5 long years ago. Since then, I've studied, been through trial & error, and after figuring it all out, went pro - building brands & websites for entrepreneurs all over the world.  I used all of this experience to develop my signature method for teaching beginners how to build & launch their website the quick & easy way. 

In this unique service, I'll be by your side, showing you step-by-step how to design your own gorgeous website & sharing all my secrets on how to create a website that gets you clients from day 1.

Why? Because I love proving to entrepreneurs like you, that yes, you can do this. 



1. You'll click the button below + tell me all about your dream site


2. We'll pick a date for your one-on-one session


3. I'll send you free resources to help you with your site content


4. We'll meet for coffee (or Skype) and get your website launched in just 1 day!

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Hiring me to design your website for you costs $4997
but you can join me & design your own pro website together in just ONE day
for a fraction of the price

(Website Only)

 ✔️ Create a site you love in just 1 day

 ✔️ 4hr one-on-one session in-person (Bali, Indonesia)
     or via Skype

 ✔️ Exact high-converting page templates

 ✔️ Learn how to edit/update your site 


(Website + Branding)

 ✔️ Create a site you love in just 1 day

 ✔️ 4hr one-on-one session in-person (Bali, Indonesia)
     or via Skype

 ✔️ Exact high-converting page templates

 ✔️ Learn how to edit/update your site 

 ✔️ PLUS: 1:1 Branding Strategy Session (face to face or via Skype) to define your brand style & positioning, select your website photos and craft a colour palette 

TOTAL: $1297 USD

The Answers to Your Questions...

Really?! Only ONE day?

Yup! Most people take months trying to build their own website - you can fast-track to success & get yours done in a day! This is because I'll be right by your side to walk you through every step and make sure that you get a website that you love.

What content do I need to have before OUR SESSION?

Before our one-on-one session, I will send you my signature fill-in-the-blanks workbook with *exact* prompts so that you know what should go on each page + have your content planned out - score! We will review and finalize this together so that it is perfect.

What if I'm not sure on my branding?

If you are struggling to come up with your brand colours and vibe, I highly recommend you book my incredible one-on-one branding strategy session. You and I will meet over coffee (or Skype) before our website creation date to work through your brand & biz goals to come up with a unique brand that you love! :) We’ll figure out your brand together and ensure you’ll be ready to launch the day of!

What website platform do you teach?

I teach the website platform Squarespace because it is amazing!! This platform will be a total game-changer for your biz & will make your life so much easier! It's powerful and once you know how, it is super easy to use. Plus, its professional and modern design means you will look like a total pro. 

Are there any additional fees other than the SESSION cost?

Only a few small ones! You will need to sign up for Squarespace (which takes care of all of your website hosting). The fees for this are just $12-$16 USD/month and include everything that you need for your website to go live. Then you would want a professional domain (e.g. yourbiznamehere.com) which is just $20 USD/year. Super affordable for your entire site!

What if I need to make changes to my site after?

No problem! One of the best parts about this service is that you will walk away knowing exactly how to update your website so that you can make edits anytime you like. This is amazing because as your business grows, you will be able to save time and $$$ by making the changes yourself.

What if I'm rEEeAalY not technically savvy?

Don't sweat it! Most of the clients I work with consider themselves "non-techie." I know how to teach people that have *never* done it before. I've got your back & I promise you will be amazed at what you will be able to do by the end of the day.



Send me an email at lou@solopreneursidekick.com and
I'll get back to you right away.


If you love the idea of building your own website but would rather do so with a pro right by your side, then this is the perfect solution for you.

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Believe it or not! You can really set up your website in a day. I love my website and couldn’t have it done without Louise’s help. Thank you for the amazing service
— AMIREH Amirmazaheri
100% worth it! Louise is the boss! I’m so happy with the website and the whole experience of working together to develop it.

Yes! I'm ready to launch my dream biz & website
in just ONE day!