5 Unique Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

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5 Unique Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram | Instagram Tips | solopreneursidekick.com

Last week we chatted lots about Instagram for the Epic 7 Day Instagram Challenge I posted. After spending so much time thinking about Instagram, I realized there were a few more things I wanted to share! You know you need to post high-quality photos, post consistently and increase your engagement - but what else can you do? 

Here are 5 Unique Ways to Get More Instagram Followers!


1. Tag all brands featured in your image

5 Unique Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram | Instagram Tips | solopreneursidekick.com

If you are not doing this yet, you are missing out on some great opportunities! You're already taking these photos, so why not optimize them to the fullest?! Tag the maker of your coffee cup, the author of the book you're reading etc. The biggest benefit of doing this is that there is a possibility of a regram (a repost of your photo on their Instagram account) from any one of these companies (who will likely have much larger audiences). Why is this so great? It is one of the quickest ways to build up your Instagram account.


2. Aim to be featured on user-based specialty accounts

5 Unique Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram | Instagram Tips | solopreneursidekick.com

There are all sorts of unique accounts like @ihaveathingwithfloors that focus on one consistent theme and are filled of regrams from their audience. Stumble across a cool looking floor? Tag them. Enjoying a coffee? Tag @womenandcoffee. And trust me, there are many more!


3. Think of every coffee date as an opportunity

Cheers to an everlasting love for summer. #CaramelFrappuccino #Regram: @vickysstyle

A photo posted by Starbucks Coffee ☕ (@starbucks) on

If you didn't Instagram it, it didn't truly happen right?! Haha, okay, not really. However, I do recommend that you start making the most of every time you step out of the house. Think of it as a way to connect with other brands, companies & local hot spots. Again, we're aiming for a regram in front of a much larger audience. Think getting your pic of your morning coffee in front of @Starbucks 7.9 million followers. 

Make sure to also geotag the location - giving your photo yet another opportunity to be found by other users checking out this spot.


4. Partner up for #FollowFriday

I've seen it work a few different ways, but whichever way you choose, make sure you're joining in on the #FollowFriday hashtag that happens every week. There are general threads like the photo above from @craftsposure, which is a great way to get your account in front of another audience and make some new connections. 

You could also trade a shoutout for shoutout with someone in your niche. You post a photo of theirs (including a caption on why your followers would enjoy following them), and they do the same for you. It's a win-win! 


5. Shop Small

There are hundreds of reasons to shop small. Here's another one! It's tough for anyone to have enough content to post daily on Instagram - let alone small companies! I'm betting they would love a photo showcasing their work. Of course, make sure it is a well-composed photo with good lighting! 

Pssst... I have it on good authority that Katelyn of @katejerryy is totally open to regrams! So check out her gorgeous shop Birch & Bliss for an inspiring addition to your home office.

That's it! 5 Unique Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram.

I would love to see you putting these tips into action! Join me on Insta @solopreneursidekick and leave me any questions/comments below!


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