My Favourite Tech Tool for Hosting Webinars

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Check out my favourite tech tool for hosting webinars! This tool will completely take the tech stress away. Click to watch the video!

Hey guys, in today's video I'm going to share with you my number one favorite tool for hosting webinars!

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Before I share my favourite tool, let's talk about what webinars are! Webinars are simply an online presentation that you do in front of a live audience. 

You're probably thinking, omg, why would I do that? Well, webinars are, in my opinion, one of the most effective ways of generating more sales in your online business 💰. It's a really great way to connect with your audience and in about an hour, you can provide a ton of value and show that you're an expert in whatever it is that you're doing before you ask for the sale.

I absolutely love them, but as you can imagine, when most people are gearing up to do their first one, they are pretty nervous about it thanks to all of the moving pieces and the fact that it is live. But the tool that I recommend is going to help you with that a lot...

The tool is called Crowdcast and the number one reason that I love it is because it takes away ALL of the tech stress of running a webinar.

You're likely already a little bit nervous because you need to remember what to say and you're going live and you could be, depending on how large your audience is, presenting in front of a few hundred people at a time. So it is definitely a bit nerve-wracking even though you can't actually see the people on the other end. (Really just pretend you're like doing it alone by herself at home - that should take away some of those nervous feelings ;))

So the number one reason is that it's incredibly easy to set up and takes away all of the tech stress of running your webinar.

Reason number two is that the setup is really fast. Now that I've used Crowdcast a few times, I can literally set up a webinar in five minutes and be ready to go.

There are other options for sure. There is a free option where you can use YouTube Live and then embed it on one of your website pages and then use a little plugin to get the chat section. You can totally do that and that is free. But for some people, that's really that's just adding to the stress because you have to piece all this different software together.

So for me, when I'm doing a webinar, I just want to be focused on the webinar and the content that I'm delivering (and not worrying about the tech and whether the tech is going to work or not). 

So there is a cost to Crowdcast. The cheapest plan is 49 USD/month but I do feel that it's worth it. Especially if you go with a free option and then spend all this time like piecing different things together - time is money and that's your time that you're wasting doing that!

Once I tried Crowdcast and did one webinar with it, I was a total fan and I wasn't moving to any other platform. So, so far I've told you that it takes away the tech stress of running a Webinar. It's easy to set up and it's fast. But there are a few other reasons that I love it. I love that it's been really reliable for me so I've never had any issue with going live even when I ran a webinar from Bali (and that can be a little tough with the Internet connection here). 

It also has a really easy to manage chat right on the right side and it's in real time. So there's never any lag, which I really appreciated. The first webinar I did, I can remember there was like a 30-second lag and it was really awkward. So you don't have to worry about that!

Another reason is that your replay is automatically generated and it's the same link that you use to share out your webinar. So that makes pre-scheduling your emails really easy and I do all of that ahead of time.

Second is that it's really easy to generate a call to action button right below your video. You can keep this hidden until the pitch part of your presentation and it's super easy to set up. So you set that before you go live and then whatever you want to go live, you literally just click show and it will show a button and you can link out to your sales page for your product.

And lastly, they have recently released a Zapier integration, which is an amazing program that allows you to connect all of these different tools. For example, I can connect Crowdcast and my email marketing platform (ConvertKit) and it's all done automatically.

Those are the reasons why I absolutely love Crowdcast. I actually have a new mini-course coming out soon, which is going to show you in little bite-size videos, step by step exactly what to do to set up your first webinar using Crowdcast.

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