The Ultimate Guide to Squarespace Templates

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Picking a Squarespace template is not easy. This guide will help you choose the right Squarespace template for you!

First, I want to share with you five things that you need to know before you choose your Squarespace template.

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Let's dive into the five things that you need to know and make sure that you stick around until the end because I'm going to be sharing with you what template I use and what template and 99.9% of professional Squarespace web designers use as well! 

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1. It doesn't matter what the template has been designed for. 

So for example, let’s say you're looking at the templates and you see that one is designed for a restaurant. That really doesn't matter. You can use any of the Squarespace templates for your business and you're going to customize all of that information anyways, so don't be distracted that one is a restaurant, one is a yoga studio. None of that matters because you can customize any of the templates for you. 

2. You can change out all of the colors, fonts and images on your template. 

Keep that in mind that you can customize any of these for your business. 

3. Squarespace templates are grouped into template families.

I definitely didn't know this when I first started so this might be new information to you! This will simplify the process of choosing your template significantly because rather than just looking at all of the templates available, you can just look at template families instead. Basically, all templates within a template family have the exact same functionality - they’ve just been styled differently to show you different ways that you could customize your site.

Squarespace has done this for you so that you can see all of the design options available. But this can be kind of confusing. So I am tackling this issue and I'm going to be helping you choose the perfect Squarespace template for you - breaking it down by template family instead. 

4. Squarespace templates vary pretty heavily in flexibility. 

This is why I'm creating this new Squarespace template series so that I can break it down for you and show you exactly what you can do with every single template family. 

Squarespace does have a template comparison chart that breaks it all down for you, but I don't know about you, when I see a chart like that, my eyes are just like glaze over. Instead, I'm going to be creating some videos for you that show you what all these features mean exactly.

This information will be continue to be compiled into this epic blog post. So keep checking back and make sure you’re subscribed to my channel.

I'm going to be showing you all of the templates that are in each template family and just overall try and make this process as easy as possible for you. 

5. The Best Squarespace Template Family

As I mentioned, I wanted to share with you the template that I use and the template that 99.9% of all professional Squarespace web designers use.

The answer: Brine or any template within the Brine family. 

These templates are simply the best. They are the most flexible and customizable, so that's the one I use and you'll find everybody else seems to agree with that as well ;) 

Below you will find all templates within the Brine family. 

And then you might be wondering, okay, well how do I choose out of the template family? 

What I recommend is that you choose the one where you like the fonts the best. I find that font pairings are the most difficult for non-designers to tackle. So instead, I get my students in Website that Wows to just choose their template within the Brine Family and choose the one that has the fonts that they love the most. This saves them from a lot of difficult design decisions and ensures that their site looks significantly more professional than someone that didn't have any guidance in this area. 

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Squarespace Template Families:

Adirondack family