Squarespace Email Campaigns Review

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A great new feature from Squarespace - email marketing! Check out this post to see how it works and if I recommend you should use Squarespace email marketing campaigns feature. #Squarespacetips #emailmarketing #solosidekick

Squarespace recently announced that they have added email marketing to their platform πŸŽ‰ Watch this video for a demo of the features & whether I recommend you use it!



Updated: April 15, 2019

In today's video I wanted to share with you an updated review of Squarespace Email Campaigns because they keep making it better and they've added in some new features!

If you didn't know, Squarespace has their own email marketing system now built into the platform.

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Here’s my Squarespace Email Campaigns Review.

I think that Squarespace Email Campaigns is a perfect option for beginners because it allows you to do all of the essential things that you need to do when it comes to email marketing, while at the same time, keeping it simple because it's built into the platform and you don't need to worry about integrating another software.

Let me go over the essential features that they offer.

Feature 1: Email Newsletters

You can send out regular newsletters to your list.

To get to Squarespace email campaigns in Squarespace, click marketing > email campaigns.

To send out a regular newsletter email, you're just going to click on create and then select blast, which is what they're calling it in Squarespace.

In true Squarespace fashion, they have so many gorgeous professionally-designed templates that you can choose from and then customize to match your brand.

On the right hand side you can see the editing panel. You can also click on any of the content to directly edit it to something of your own choosing.

The email editor functions very similar to Squarespace, which is great. Once you get comfortable with Squarespace itself, you'll also be very comfortable with the email marketing feature.

Feature 2: Schedule Newsletters

With Squarespace you can schedule emails to go out now.

If you want to schedule your campaign, click schedule campaign.

If you want it to go out immediately, click send to mailing lists.

Feature 3: Automated Email Sequences

Yay! You can now send automated email sequences. With Squarespace, you can do this either after they've signed up for your newsletter/lead magnet and also after your purchase.

To set this up, click create > automation.

You'll see the two options.

  1. Subscriber Activity - this is how you would welcome new subscribers or followup after a lead magnet.

  2. Commerce - this is how you can send thank you emails after a purchase

Squarespace-email-automation-options (1).png

Watch the video above for how to set up a welcome sequence!

You might be wondering - do you need to have the powered by Squarespace badge? No, you do not. You can simply click on that and then click on badge and turn this off to remove it.

Feature 4: Simple Signup Forms

How do you get someone to actually sign up to receive your emails? All you need to do is find your insert point and then insert the newsletter block (aka a beautiful sign up form). This is where people will type in their name and email address and sign up for your list.


To connect this to your automation, simply click storage and connect it to the correct mailing list.

What about emailing after purchase?

  1. Go back into your automations section

  2. Click add commerce and this time choose a thank you customers.

  3. Customize this email for your brand

  4. Connect the correct product

    This is the email that is going to go out after any product is sold.

So those are the essential things that you will need to do when it comes to email marketing.

Overall, I also love Squarespace email campaigns because they have:

  • analytics built-in

  • the ability to schedule campaigns

  • gorgeous templates that you can customize for your brand

  • easy to customize sign-up forms built directly into Squarespace

  • the ability to automatically pull content from your website (blog posts, products) - this is a huge timesaver!! (watch the video for a demo)

I highly recommend that you start out using Squarespace Email Campaigns. If you outgrow it and you need a more advanced software, that's no problem at all and it's actually really easy to move from one email marketing software to another.

So I wouldn't worry about that and I would just get started growing your list, getting used to sending out emails and doing that with Squarespace Email Campaigns.

Another great thing about Squarespace is that they are constantly improving their product. This is an updated video as of April, 2019 but it's very likely that they are working hard behind the scenes right now to make the product even better.

Quick update: Squarespace has actually just released their pricing plans and early access is going to end on April 24th.

The pricing will be:


I am still clarifying a few details and will post updates here as I get them.

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So what do you think?

Will you be using Squarespace email campaigns? Let me know in the comments!