How to Get a Squarespace Discount

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How to get a Squarespace discount. Save up to 50% on Squarespace by clicking here:  Get your Squarespace discount code now!

Want to get a discount on your Squarespace website? Here are 3 easy ways to get a Squarespace discount!

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How to Get a
Squarespace Discount

1. Use My Discount Code - save 10%

The first way to get a discount is to simply use my discount code. If you use the code at SIDEKICK10 at checkout, you will save 10% off your first month or year of Squarespace.

You're definitely going to want to go with the annual plan because the discount code only applies to your first purchase. So for example, if you go with the monthly plan, you're only going to save 10% off the first month. It's not on a continuous basis. So that's what I would recommend there.

And again, it's SIDEKICK10 - click here to use that right now and save 10%!

2. Join Website that Wows - save 20%

The second way to get a Squarespace discount is to join my online program Website that Wows.

If you're not new here, you've definitely heard me talk about it before. This is where I put all of my best Squarespace tutorials and also give you tech support and design feedback as you create your website.

If you join that, I'm able to give you a 20% discount code because you’re then a client of mine (and I get this special code as a Squarespace Authorized Trainer).

3. Student Discount - save 50%

Finally, the third way is if you are a student. Click here to see if your university or college has been set up with a Squarespace discount.

Then all you need is the right email address and you're going to be able to save 50% on your first year. So as long as you have that academic email address, you're going to be able to take advantage of that deal.

There you have it! 3 really easy ways to get a Squarespace discount.

I hope that you found this helpful. Remember, if you are going to go with that 10% discount code from me it is SIDEKICK10.

If you want even more and all my best Squarespace tutorials, come join me inside Website that Wows and there you'll find your 20% discount code. You can try the first few lessons free here:

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