I Just Completely Redesigned My Website (See What I Did & Why)

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If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I'm changing up my business model and launching my first online course.

I've developed what I believe is a really useful & helpful course for new entrepreneurs. I'm teaching step-by-step how to build your own website in a week (with no code required!)

Of course, as your business changes, so should your website. I thought I'd share the changes I made and why I made them. 




What changed: 

1. The 2 Second Test

Can people understand what you do within the first 2 seconds of landing on your site? They should! I like to use the homepage banner in Squarespace to get my message across - and quick. Mine now reads, "I teach talented creatives like you how to build a website that works." 

2. Optimized for Sign Ups

Up until this point, I hadn't focused very much on growing my email list. I knew better, but still made this very common mistake! So, optimizing my website for sign ups was first priority.

I added a sign up button for my new, free 5 day email course to the center of my homepage banner as well as to my navigation (as a button) so that it was the first thing people were encouraged to do. I also added opt-in buttons to numerous other spots throughout my website. 

2. Brand Photography

Now that I'm teaching a course, I felt it was necessary to have professional-looking photos of myself throughout the site. There's many reasons for investing in custom photography, from building trust and a stronger connection with your audience, strengthening your brand, to standing out online. I organized a shoot with the fantastic Gillian of Sounds Like Yellow Photography with the goal of getting a new, personalized homepage banner that communicated what I do (hence why I'm standing next to a computer ;)) and to replace all stock photos with unique photos.

3. Copy, Copy, Copy!

When I first started out online, I really overlooked the power of copy. Now, I'm kind of obsessed! I tried to be crystal clear in what I was offering & communicate who I was targeting, my unique selling point & why my program is right for them - all from the homepage.

4. Focused on the path

I wanted to make the path visitors should take as clear as possible. That's why I added 3 call-to-actions right under my homepage, which all serve my top 3 business goals at the moment (getting people to sign up for my free course, getting people to sign up for my full course waitlist & getting to know me & my expertise better by reading my articles). I added calls-to-action on as many pages as I could so that the visitor always knew where to go next (and stay on my website!)

5. Smiling faces

Social proof and testimonials are hugely important - even better when you have smiling faces of your past clients.

6. Simplicity

I kept my navigation as limited as possible. I added a big "Have a Question?" button to my footer. Anything that was added to the site was intentional - with clutter kept to a minimum!

Here's a breakdown of my homepage changes: 

I Just Completely Redesigned My Website (See What I Did & Why) solopreneursidekick.com

Overall, I'm really happy with my updated website and feel that everything serves a purpose now. Hopefully it has given you some ideas for how you can improve your own website. Let me know in the comments what changes you'll be making and leave a link to your website so I can check it out!

Are you thinking about DIYing your website? 

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