End of the Year Biz Cleanup

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End of Year Biz Checklist

The end of the year is a great time to embark on a biz cleanup. You can get rid of unwanted clutter, update your visuals & start 2017 off feeling refreshed & ready to conquer your goals.

Here's a checklist you can print and check off the items as you go:

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brand visuals:


Have you used the same profile picture on all platforms? This is a simple trick to build up recognition. I use this pic everywhere >>

Are you using the same colours + fonts on all social media + blog graphics? The number one rule in branding is consistency! 

Are your blog graphics optimized for Pinterest? (vertical, text overlay) Update any blog graphics that need improvement and pin them.

Are there some weak links on your Instagram feed? I’m talking blurry, unprofessional or amateur looking photos. Get rid of 'em!

Social media:

Update your social media cover photos + bios. If you haven't changed these in ages, it might be time for a refresh! Check that your social media bios lead to your highest converting opt-in.

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 9.29.39 PM.png

Unfollow accounts that are no longer relevant or inspiring to you.

Are you using the same graphics for each platform? Use the recommended sizing for each platform for better formatting and stronger messaging (otherwise your text overlay will often be cut off). 

If you schedule your posts, go through them all and check that you're not sending out any outdated messages! 

Your website:

Do a link check on your website - make sure they are all leading somewhere! And not only that, make sure all links are up-to-date. If an old call-to-action was to sign up for a webinar that you are no longer running, remove it and add a new call-to-action.

Create a custom 404 page just in case! (so that any broken links lead to a page with a custom message + tell your visitor where to click next) 

Check for outdated information - does your about page reflect everything you're doing now? Can you add new material? E.g. new client testimonials or recent work to your portfolio

Respond to any blog comments that you may have missed.

Update any plugins or software you use.


Your computer:

Work toward a 100% clean desktop (trust me - this is going to feel so great!)

Delete any files you no longer need (or move to an external hard drive)

Organize any loose files into folders and name them correctly (if you're like me and still awful at saving files properly)

Change all passwords - new year, time for a refresh! 

Unsubscribe to any email lists you no longer read. You can use a service like unroll.me to do this quickly.

Clean up your bookmarks - delete any that you no longer need 

And there you have it! Now, you're ready to start 2017 strong. Sign up here to download the checklist:

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