6 Ways to Display Images in Squarespace

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Learn 6 different ways that you can display images in Squarespace. Free video tutorial at: solopreneursidekick.com/blog/display-images-squarespace

In today's tutorial, I'm sharing 6 different ways that you can display your images in Squarespace. And it's super easy to do!

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Within a page in Squarespace, you're going to click Edit and find the grey teardrop shape. Then you're going to add an image block.

Insert image block Squarespace.png


Add an image.

Add an image Squarespace.png

Click Apply. Next, click on Design and you will see six different display options  - Inline, Poster, Card, Overlap, Collage and Stack.

Squarespace Image Design Types.png

Here is what they look like: 

1. Inline

Inline Image Block Squarespace.png

2. Poster

Poster Image Block Squarespace.png

3. Card

Card Image Block Squarespace.png


Overlap Image Block Squarespace.png


Collage Image Block Squarespace.png


Stack Image Block Squarespace.png

Now with most of these you can actually add a button as well! Like this: 

Solopreneur Sidekick example photo.jpg

This is the overlap

Subtitle goes here

It's important to note that you can change a lot of the design settings in the Style Editor. Click Back > Design > Style Editor. If you click on your image, you'll see that editing options will appear and you can change lots about the look.

For example, with the overlap block, you can change the image width, text alignment, current position and more. So, whichever one of the six designs that you choose, make sure that you go into the Style Editor so that you can really make it your own!

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