How to Create a YouTube Subscribe Link

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In today's video I'm going to show you how to create a YouTube subscribe link, which is a link that someone clicks on and will automatically ask them if they want to subscribe to your channel (a really great way of getting more subscribers!)

Speaking of which, if you have not yet subscribed to my channel, make sure that you do 😉

Make sure that you watch the video until the end because I'm also going to show you how to shorten this link and how to add it to your website!

Written Instructions


1. Go to youtube and click on your avatar in the top right. Click on that and then scroll down to where it says settings. Click on settings, and then click advanced.

2. Here you will see your channel URL. Copy this.

3. Add the following to your channel URL: ?sub_confirmation=1

So for example, my youtube channel is:

With the correct part added, my YouTube subscribe link is: (click to see what it looks like)

This will likely be a pretty long link (and not the easiest to give out), so I recommend that you shorten it with the free service Bitly.

4. Create a Bitly account

5. Click the orange button that says "Create"

6. Paste in the YouTube subscribe link you have created

7. Customize the bitlink

For example, I created the following bitlink for my channel: 
(which redirects to

Now you might have to try a few variations when creating your link. What you want might already be taken. Once you've landed on one that works, click save.

And that's it - that's all you need to do to create your link! 



Another thing you can do is add your YouTube subscribe link to your website, so for example, on mine down here you will see that I embed my latest videos and then I have this button here:

If you are in Squarespace, you can just insert a button block. Type in "Subscribe for new videos every week" and update the area that says "Clickthrough URL" with the link that we have just created. 

Now when someone clicks on this button, the YouTube subscribe pop up will appear.  

That's it for this video! I hope that it helps you find even more success on Youtube. I would love to see what videos you're making, so leave your channel for me in the comments below and I will come check it out. Thanks so much for watching 💕


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