5 Reasons to Use Canva for Work

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Today I wanted to talk about my favourite graphic design software, Canva.

It is a fantastic tool, especially if you’re a non-designer.  Today I wanted to talk about the reasons why I think you should upgrade to Canva for Work.

Watch the video or read the summary below:


Video Summary:

Reason Number 1:

The first reason is an awesome feature called Magic Resize. This is phenomenal and saves me so much time.  What it means is you can take one of your designs that you’ve created and can automatically, with the click of a button, resize it for any of your other platforms that you might be using.

For example, if you design something for YouTube and then you want to share it on Twitter you can automatically resize it for that and it takes you one second versus having to start from scratch.

Reason Number 2:

The ability to download on a transparent background. This comes in handy because you don’t always want to have to have a white background attached to your graphic, especially if you want to place an icon or a graphic that you’ve made on a background that isn’t white.  So this is why you’re going to want to use the transparent background feature.

Reason Number 3:

They have this awesome section called Your Brand.  This is where you can save all of your logos, your colours and set your brand fonts (including uploading any custom fonts you use). 

This is easily accessible when you start a new design and means that you don’t need to go searching for your colour codes, find your logo file etc. 

Reason Number 4:

The fourth reason is that you can arrange all of your designs into folders, which really comes in handy - especially if you’re doing a lot of different designs or you’re working with a bunch of different clients.  This is really going to keep things even more organized for you.

Reason Number 5:

And then lastly, you can get a ton of icons and photos for free.  I mean, if you have to pay for them, it’s a dollar each, but you’ll be amazed how many you can get for free under the Canva for Work.

There is also the ability to create templates.  I actually don’t use this feature so much, I just create different designs and then I duplicate the page every time I need to create another copy - but you could definitely use this feature as well. 

I’m sure there are even more reasons to love Canva for Work, but those are my reasons, mostly because it will save you so much time and make you even more productive.

If you have any questions, just let me know in the comments!


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