How to Create a Blog Post Template in Squarespace

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Save time when blogging with Squarespace! Create a blog post template. Watch the video tutorial here! How to blog with Squarespace, Blogging tips, Squarespace tutorial

In today's video, I'm going to share with you my favourite time-saving hack when working with Squarespace - creating a blog post template.

If you've been blogging already, probably found that you're inserting the same blocks again and again, and there's actually a way around that!

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If you look at one of my blog posts, you will see that I have a sidebar, blog post graphic, video and a button telling you to subscribe to my youtube channel (because I really want you to do that 😉) All of my blog posts follow this same structure.

Rather than having to reinsert these blocks each time, it's MUCH faster to create a blog post template.

Here's how to do it:

In Squarespace, you're going to go to your Blog area, click on the + sign and title this Blog Post Template.

Blog Post Template - Squarespace.png


Next, you're going to insert the blocks that you regularly use. For example, I always start with an image block and then I have a heading block and a video block.  You can just leave all of these blank and then when you're ready to write your post, you will just fill in the blanks.

Blog Post Template - Squarespace 2.png


Now anytime that you need to write a post, you're going to click on this Blog Post Template, click Edit, and then you're going to hit Duplicate. This will copy everything over and give you that starting point.

Duplicate your blog post - Squarespace.png

So you would just put in your title and then you can fill in the blanks rather than having to construct it from scratch. This saves me a ton of time and I hope it will do the same for you!

If you're just getting started with squarespace, I have an awesome free guide, which you can grab below as well as a video here on how to blog with squarespace.

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