The Best Ways to Get Email Subscribers

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In today's video I'm going to share with you my favourite ways for getting more email subscribers. Your email list is so important and it's where the majority of your sales are going to come from. So how do you get people on your list?

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Both of the ways that I'm going to tell you about involve giving away content for free. Yep. It's the easiest way to establish credibility and show people that you really know what you're talking about.


1. Give Away a Freebie

The first way is to give away a freebie that's a pdf, a checklist, or a worksheet. And this is because it's a really quick and easy and people don't need to commit too much in order to receive it.

The thing with the freebie is that the topic has to be super enticing. I'm sure, just like mine, your inbox is getting a little out of control. Right now, I kinda hate mine! (I'm working on figuring that out 🤪). When your inbox is getting out of control you're a little more hesitant nowadays with just giving your email away. So really go for something that's like, "wow, I can't believe this person is giving this away for free." That's what will make for a really effective pdf opt-in.

2. Host a Free Training

My second favourite way is to host a free training. Often, people are hesitant to host a free training because they're worried that no one is going to sign up (because they don't have enough people on their list yet), but it's actually one of the best list builders because not everybody is doing these.

You might think, there's too many webinars, but you could do a webinar, a challenge, or a mini course. I still think that while there are a lot of people that have done webinars before, it's still not overdone and there's still opportunity because there are so many entrepreneurs that are too frightened to go live and aren't doing it.

So, you have that advantage there and can connect even better with people that way (they get to see you live, you can connect in the chat, answer their questions and more). So rather than thinking, okay, I can't do any free trainings because I don't have a big enough email list, instead I want you to think about using these free trainings in order to grow your email list. I recently ran a challenge and I got so many new subscribers, so many people welcomed into my world, because it was more enticing and because it was a fun live-type of event.

It's really important though, that you don't just create this freebie and think people are going to automatically find you. You have to have some way in which your getting people to see your offer. My favorite ways of doing this are Pinterest and Facebook ads. Whatever it is that you choose, make sure that it's something that you can get in front of new people every single day. If you're just getting started though, I would recommend just starting with Pinterest, which is a really great way to get lots of free traffic to your website.

Those are my two favorite ways of getting more email subscribers. What are your favorite ways? I would love to hear your methods in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys soon!


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