5 (More!) Cool Things You Can Do in Squarespace

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5 More Cool Things You Can Do in Squarespace! solopreneursidekick.com/blog/5-more-cool-things-you-can-do-in-squarespace

I've already shared 5 Cool Things You Can Do in Squarespace. Well, I'm back! This time with 5 more. And remember - all of these things are quick and easy to do!

1. Create landing pages (at no extra cost!)

This is one of my favourite Squarespace features! Quickly + easily create unique landing pages using Cover Pages.

How to do it:

2. Add a Pin button

Be sure to enable the pin it button to increase the likelihood of your blog posts being pinned. 

Hover over this image to see it -->

(top left hand corner)






How to do it:

3. Link to your social media accounts

In general, people like to lurk before they buy! They want to get a sense of your style, personality and see what you're all about. Don't make them search your whole website for your social media links!

How to do it:

4. Create contact forms

The functionality here is impressive! Quickly + easily create detailed contact forms with a variety of input fields. Have a look at the one I just created in under a minute (it will work - so send me a message!:)) 

Name *
What's your business type?

How to do it:

5. Resize your images

You are not limited to full-width images. You can resize your images any way you'd like and get them side-by-side like this:

How to do it:

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